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heyy family!! hope u r all doing well ;) 

this is my first diary entry (how exciting)! welcome to this special lil email club!! what should i address you guys as? frankinators? i don’t know. you can email me back and name yourselves. if you have a look around this site you can see some exclusive photos from the fine photoshoot early!! &&& i’ve also attached my favourite playlist from my spotify!! i cannotttt get enough of beabadoobee recently. this site is basically my brain as of right now. very chaotic. i wanted 2 firstly thank each of you for presaving the heckkk out of fine!! it means the world. i am so so blown away and grateful for the love you guys have shown me <33 anywho!!! this week means back at school for most of usss! #notlovingit as of right now. almost thru the year though thank goodness.


i’m planning not to do my last year at school next year and instead move to auckland and pursue my music career full time! wouldn’t be possible without each of you so thank you. but beforre that is summer! finally. the best time of the yearrr. i’m looking forward to getting a tan and writing some songs. also! i’ve just started a tooth gem business to help me pay for my music!!….random though i know. i have no self control and have put multiple on myself and my sisters. i might run out of gems soon if i’m not careful. 



I can’t wait for everyone to hear on Friday!!!


“you tell me all the ways things could go wrong to change my mind. it’s fine!!” - this is literally me telling my friends at the time that i would be fine ! fine is about a conversation i had in class. my friends were determined to “bring me back down to earth” (as they put it) and tell me how unrealistic my idea of pursuing music was. that conversation only fuelled my drive even more. and this song is a result of that. fine captures a crucial moment in every creatives journey; where you decide to put your head down and prove people wrong & i’m so proud of it.



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